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This project is a way to use Apache thrift with YARP.

How to compile

git clone git://
cd yarp_thrift
git submodule update --init
mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

If you have the Thrift source tree, you can skip the submodule step and set the THRIFT_ROOT variable.

Programs created

Two programs are created:

  • tcc - a copy of the thrift compiler, with a YARP generator added
  • test_demo - a test of YARP communication (start YARP nameserver before running this)


  • The thrift directory should contain an unmodified, unconfigured checkout of the Apache thrift source code.
  • The compiler directory contains the CMake logic to compile the thrift compiler, while adding in an extra generator to the set of generators thrift already has.
  • The yarp directory contains some helper classes that are candidates for going into YARP trunk.
  • The tests directory has material for some basic tests that compilation was ok.
  • The demo directory shows how Thrift may be used with YARP.
    • File demo/demo.thrift defines an example structure and service.
    • File demo/demo.cpp uses the compiled classes to send some test messages over YARP.
    • The generated classes are not checked in, they will appear in build/gen.


  • Full coverage of types is needed (currently there's just enough for a demo).
  • Generated classes should be split into .h and .cpp.
  • Implementation is function dispatching should be done efficiently.