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add depth to an icon using blender cycles
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Zify (read "zee-ify") will add depth to icons. As input, it takes:

  • A black and white image.
  • A Blender 3D template (see design directory).

It then traces the outlines of the black material in the image, and substitutes that for the letter A in the template. The result is then rendered and output as an image.


IN: 2d frog OUT: 70-bronze 96-polished-gold 49-material-of-3laseray 50-white-marble 5-camouflage 90-lava 61-abstract-glass 91-water 67-polystyrene 80-chocolate frog forest glass frog

Running zify

If you have docker, you can run:

./ design/example.blend input/frog.png out.png

If you are willing to install everything mentioned in the docker/Dockerfile file, then you can run:

./ design/example.blend input/frog.png out.png

You can control some parameters with environment variables:

ZIFY_SCALE=50 ZIFY_SAMPLES=20 ./ design/example.blend input/frog.png out.png
  • ZIFY_SCALE sets the render resolution as a percentage.
  • ZIFY_SAMPLES sets the number of samples to make (set to 0 to use the setting for previews in blender).
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