A painless command-line time-tracker with easy, intuitive feedback
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Basic Usage

Start timing with t start. Stop with t stop. Set a message anytime with t message or when stopping the timer. Cancel timing with t cancel. Check on the current timer with t status and get a break-down of the week with t week. If you forget to start or stop the timer, backdate like this: t start 10 minutes ago. We use GNU's date to parse time expressions.

Advanced Usage

See how long you've been on break with t break. See how many hours you've worked this week with t done and how much time is left in the week with t left. timesheet defaults to a 40 hour work-week. See the customization section below to change this.

Analyze your work in detail:

  • t today
  • t yesterday
  • t since 3 days ago
  • t week 2 weeks ago
  • t from last thursday to yesterday


  • You can change the following in ~/.timesheetrc
    • Work week starting day
    • Hours per week
  • The timesheet is a CSV file at ~/.timesheet