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Chrome extension which blocks requests to sites which have used legal threats to remove themselves from other blacklists.


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Barb the Bear


Note: BarbBlock has moved from to GitHub pages. Please update URLs according to the ones below.

BarbBlock is a content blocking list with standalone browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It blacklists sites which have used DMCA takedowns to force removal from other content blocking lists. Such takedowns are categorically invalid, but they can be effective at intimidating small open-source projects into compliance.

BarbBlock was created in response to a troubling instance where a company used the DMCA takedown process to force a domain blacklist to remove its domain. In reaction to this, some people added the domain to their personal blacklists, even those who weren't blocking it before the takedown. This phenomenon is called the Streisand Effect, and it (indirectly) gives BarbBlock its name. In essence, this extension exists to automate the Streisand effect.

The initial release of BarbBlock blocks the domain in question, If DMCA takedowns continue to be misused for blacklist removals, the extension will be updated to cover other domains as well. Updates are automatic through the Chrome App Store.

As the maintainer of this extension, I pledge to dispute any takedown that comes to this repository. This is not my first DMCA-takedown rodeo 😉. I also pledge to only add domains belonging to companies which have attempted to remove themselves from other blacklists through legal threats, including (but not limited to) "Cease and Desist" letters and DMCA takedowns.


I intend to accomplish a few things with this project.

  1. By calling the bluff of DMCA takedown notices, I hope to show that the takedown filers know their takedowns are meritless and would not stand up in court.
  2. If the extension gains significant traction, it will provide a disincentive for companies to issue takedowns in the first place. As a browser extension and centrally-hosted blacklist, the number of users is more quantitatively verifiable than a bunch of users independently adding domains to their blacklist.



Install BarbBlock from the Chrome App Store.


Install BarbBlock from the Mozilla add-ons site.

Adblock Plus and Ublock Origin

Use the links on the install page.

Hosts file

Include this file:

Other uses

Build a blacklist for your own format with the domain list.

Contributing to the Blacklist

Create an issue with the domains and the label blacklist. In the issue description, add a link to a DMCA takedown notice if available, or else a notice from your service provider that they have received a takedown request.


Chrome extension which blocks requests to sites which have used legal threats to remove themselves from other blacklists.







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