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(c) Factoria Labs 2016 WaveConverter is a Python application, built on GTK+ 3. The GUI has been implemented via Glade. A sqlite database has been implemented via sqlalchemy. Finally, waveform plotting uses matplotlib.

You will need gnuradio installed for this software to work. While you can install this via:

sudo apt-get install gnuradio

You will benefit from a much more recent version if you follow the instructions at:

NEW: waveconverter now relies on a collection of common, reusable code called "rf_utilities". For waveconverter to work, you must get this code and point your PYTHONPATH to its location. For Example:

git clone ~/code

(or better yet, add it to the end of ~/.bashrc)

To install the other pre-requisites for execution:

sudo apt-get install python-sqlalchemy
sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev
sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib
sudo apt-get install python-gi-cairo

If you are contributing to development, you will also need glade:

sudo apt-get install glade

To execute a test using an attached input I-Q file:

cd <install path>/src
./ -q ../input_files/ -o ../output_files/test.log -g -p 3

This will pre-load the appropriate protocol and input file. Clicking the Demod button will then produce a baseband waveform. Clicking the Decode button will then produce decoded data.

Please check out the User Guide for more information: doc/user_guide.pdf