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exml is an Erlang library helpful with parsing XML streams and doing some basic XML structures manipulation.


exml is a rebar-compatible OTP application, run make or ./rebar compile in order to build it.

As a requirement, development headers for expat library are required.


exml can parse both XML streams as well as single XML documents at once.

To parse a whole XML Document:

{ok, Parser} = exml:parse(<<"<my_xml_doc/>">>).

To generate an XML document from Erlang terms:

Xml = {xmlel,<<"foo">>,
        [{<<"attr1">>,<<"bar">>}], % Attributes
        [{xmlcdata,"Some Value"}] %Elements

Which results in

<foo attr1='bar'>Some Value</foo>

exml:to_binary/1 works similarly.

For an example of using the streaming API, so test/exml_stream_tests.erl

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