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UniquePasswordBuilder is a tool to help you generate strong and different password for each site you visit. From your master password (a strong password that you use), a password is generated using an hashing algorithm and the domain’s URL. Scrypt or argon2 is used to hash the password.

Check the home page for further details.

UniquePasswordBuilder is available via 3 tools :


UniquePasswordBuilder is depending on some dependencies in order to be build (gulp) and needs 3 libraries for runtime :

  • argon2-browser 1.5.3
  • scrypt-async 2.0.1
  • font-awesome 4.7.0

Dependencies are installed via npm.

The package-lock.json file contains the URL from where dependencies are downloaded.

Build the webpage and the bookmarklet

npm install && gulp to build output files in dist directory.

You can run gulp clean to remove the dist folder.

Build the Addon

Gulp generates some files into the addon directory.

So be sure to launch npm install && gulp the first time and each time you change JS source files.

Then, use addon/ to generate the zip.

Self-hosting the PWA

You can simply checkout the branch gh-pages (already built) or build the application (see above) then copy the dist folder on your server.

Publish the web page

Use script to publish output files into a gh_pages branch, ready to publish on like github.


The code includes scrypt-async-js, a library from Dmitry Chestnykh and icons are from Piotr Adam Kwiatkowski. Many thanks !