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rsstodolist is an URL oriented to-read-list based on an RSS XML feed.
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Note : Automatically exported from

rsstodolist is an URL oriented to-read-list based on an RSS XML feed.

Typical example is putting web pages to read later on a RSS feed.

Also, if you know the feed name of a friend of yours, you may also "push" links to it's RSS feed. That's another cool use case.

This project hosts source code for application and following extensions :

  • the Google App Engine rsstodolist application written in Python (python-gae) hosted here :
  • a Google Chrome extension (chrome-extension). Install it from the Google extension site.
  • a rsstodolist Firefox extension (firefox-sdk-addon), built via the new Firefox SDK. Thanks to Aurélien Thieriot. Get it from the Mozilla Addon page.
  • a Safari extension (safari-extension). Download and install the bundled extension. Thanks to Grégoire Lejeune.
  • an Hubot action script (scripts/ for Hubot ! Thanks to Aurélien Thieriot.
  • a (deprecated) JetPack Firefox extension (firefox-deprecated-jetpack-extension). That version of jetpack is no longer supported by Mozilla.