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This is the image processing code behind, an unlikely attempt to find the favorite color of Flickr by analyzing photos that have been tagged "favcol". It uses cunning to overcome limitations in the App Engine Image Manipulation API - see for more details.

To get a dev environment set up:

1. Install the App Engine SDK, by following the instructions at
3. Hope you don't have any weird conflicts between the App Engine SDK and the Python Imaging Library.
2. Run " /path/to/avcol"

To use it:

 . Visit /html?url= for html output.
 . Visit /json?url= for json output.

If you've made changes and you'd like to deploy them to Google's servers:

1. sign up at, click "create an application" and fill in the form.
2. edit the first line of app.yaml to use your application identifier.
3. run " update /path/to/avcol".