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png screenshots of webpages
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webkit2png is a command line tool that creates png screenshots of webpages. For more details, visit

This branch includes experimental linux support:

. The script auto-detects what environment it's running in, so it works on linux and the mac.

. You need pywebkitgtk installed - you can get this from or the python-webkit package in Ubuntu and Debian testing/unstable.

. You'll need an x window server. If you're working on a machine with no real screen attached try Xvfb. Something like the following should work if you've installed the Debian or Ubuntu xvfb package:
$ xvfb-run -s "-screen 0 1024x768x24" python ./webkit2png

. There is no error handling, nor is the --delay parameter supported. This has been barely tested, expect it to break.
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