Created during a nodecopter hackday in Brighton. The example script attempts to position an ar-drone so that it centers on any face detected in the center of it's field of vision. EXPERIMENTAL.
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Facial recognition for Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Build Status


npm install copterface

or checkout from github

git clone

Running Example

node node_modules/copterface/example.js

Using the library

Add it to your node project

npm install copterface --save

Here's a simple example, showing how you can use copterface

const client = arDrone.createClient({imageSize:"160x90"});
const pngStream = client.getPngStream();
var copterface = new Copterface(pngStream,{},function(info){



options an object with the following optional key/value pairs :
  • outputImage ( boolean ), whether to generate a debug png and include in the info object passed to callback.
callback an function that recieves the info object :
  • info.rects an array of normalized rects for each face identifed
  • info.image included if the outputImage flag is set to true. This is a PNG object that has had it's pack method called and will be emitting 'data' and 'end' events.