RDFeasy DBpedia Experience

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What's in the Box?

RDFEasy DBpedia Experience consists of

  1. Ubuntu Linux 13.10
  2. OpenLink Virtuoso Open Source Edition
  3. A collection of shell scripts for automation
  4. facts from DBpedia 3.9
  5. facts from :SubjectiveEye that assign subjective importance to topics in :BaseKB

How to get it

This product is available in the AWS Marketplace with one-click activation. Inclusive of hardware and software, this product costs 0.45 cents an hour for the minimum configuration.

Getting Started

Once the system is initialized (this may take several minutes after boot) you can run SPARQL queries against the data with the included OpenLink Virtuoso 7 Open Source Edition database. See here for more details, and here for a test query.

Detailed contents

   bytes            name
 225063511 article_categories_en.nt.gz
  16353802 category_labels_en.nt.gz
  13687033 disambiguations_en.nt.gz
 167411439 external_links_en.nt.gz
  21332697 geo_coordinates_en.nt.gz
  11730083 homepages_en.nt.gz
  98424537 images_en.nt.gz
 102193930 instance_types_en.nt.gz
 266037481 interlanguage_links_en.nt.gz
  16221417 iri_same_as_uri_en.nt.gz
 184563283 labels_en.nt.gz
 912679072 long_abstracts_en.nt.gz
 304873473 mappingbased_properties_cleaned_en.nt.gz
 190016646 page_ids_en.nt.gz
1616582338 page_links_en.nt.gz
  96215105 part-r-00000.gz            <-- :SubjectiveEye For DBpedia
  68129799 persondata_en.nt.gz
       995 pnd_en.nt.gz
 739470897 raw_infobox_properties_en.nt.gz
    937584 raw_infobox_property_definitions_en.nt.gz
 108786968 redirects_transitive_en.nt.gz
 219335180 revision_ids_en.nt.gz
 275843550 revision_uris_en.nt.gz
 507696563 short_abstracts_en.nt.gz
  42206298 skos_categories_en.nt.gz
 272180789 wikipedia_links_en.nt.gz

The content of the DBpedia files is described here. A notable addition is the wikipedia_links_en which is not contained in the DBpedia public SPARQL endpoint.


Users of this AMI are bound to the End User License Agreement

This AMI is based an the Ubuntu 13.10 AMI supplied by Amazon Web Services; components of Ubuntu are under the GNU Public License and other open source software licenses. Virtuoso Open Source Edition is Copyright (C) 1998-2014 OpenLink Software licensed under the GNU Public License. RDFEasy is Copyright (C) 2014 Ontology2 licensed under the MIT License.

DBpedia 3.9 is derived from Wikipedia and is distributed under the same licensing terms; DBpedia 3.9 is a product of the DBpedia foundation and is used in this product under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0

:SubjectiveEye data is Copyright (C) 2014 Ontology2 and is available under CC-BY-SA/US. :SubjectiveEye contains data from Wikimedia Foundation usage logs.

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