RDFeasy Zero

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What's in the Box?

RDFEasy BaseKB Zero consists of

  1. Ubuntu Linux 13.10
  2. OpenLink Virtuoso Open Source Edition
  3. A collection of shell scripts for automation

This distribution contains an empty database and is designed for people who'd like to load data into a triple store and optionally package it as an AMI.

How to get it

This product is on the AWS Marketplace and, if you have an AWS account, it can be provisioned with a single click. Inclusive of hardware and software, this product costs 0.45 cents an hour for the minimum configuration.

Getting Started

At boot, this database contains only the 5000 or so facts that are asserted in a Virtuoso database out of the factory. Follow the instructions to load RDF data.


Users of this AMI are bound to the End User License Agreement

This AMI is based an the Ubuntu 13.10 AMI supplied by Amazon Web Services; components of Ubuntu are under the GNU Public License and other open source software licenses. Virtuoso Open Source Edition is Copyright (C) 1998-2014 OpenLink Software licensed under the GNU Public License. RDFEasy is Copyright (C) 2014 Ontology2 licensed under the MIT License.

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