Fractals generated with TensorFlow
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Fractals generated using TensorFlow:

  1. Right now, this repository is partly used to explore the following math problem. If you have thoughts on how to solve this problem and don't feel comfortable putting your answer on the math.stackexchange feel free to open an issue or drop me an email at
  2. For a demonstration of the libraries' functionalities, check the following notebook.
  3. The current TensorFlow code is for CPU and uses all CPU cores by default, but I'm going to work on a GPU optimised version for investigating quaternion fractals in a couple weeks.

Note 1: Much of the present code is derived from
Note 2: For a quick primer on Mandelbrot sets I highly recommend reading the Wolfram MathWorld overview.

Mandelbrot sequence with exponent of 3.0
Mandelbrot sequence with exponent of 2.0
Mandelbrot Mitosis: Conjugate Mandelbrot sequence with exponent of -3.0