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PHP implementation of Fowler's Money pattern.
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About this fork

This fork was made purely for purposes of practicing Git during an interactive workshop called Git Legit.

Setup instructions

NOTE: if you already have PHP installed on your machine, make sure to get composer and skip to Step 3.

Step 1: Install Docker

Install Docker for your OS. Find your OS listed in the menu on the left.

Step 2: Run the container

Check out the container from Docker Hub. Note: if you're not using bash, replace $PWD with the full path to the repository.

$ docker run --rm -it -v "$PWD":/money -w /money synon/git-legit:latest

Step 3: Get dependencies

The previous step will enter you into a shell window. Once there, run:

$ composer install

This will take about a minute.

Step 4: Run the tests

To ensure you're all set for the workshop, run the unit tests:



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Money PHP

PHP library to make working with money safer, easier, and fun!

"If I had a dime for every time I've seen someone use FLOAT to store currency, I'd have $999.997634" -- Bill Karwin

In short: You shouldn't represent monetary values by a float. Wherever you need to represent money, use this Money value object. Since version 3.0 this library uses strings internally in order to support unlimited integers.


use Money\Money;

$fiveEur = Money::EUR(500);
$tenEur = $fiveEur->add($fiveEur);

list($part1, $part2, $part3) = $tenEur->allocate(array(1, 1, 1));

The documentation is available at


PHP 5.6+. Other than that, this library has no external requirements. MoneyPHP will not provide any support to PHP versions that are not supported by the language itself. There might be additional dependencies for specific feature, e.g. the Swap exchange implementation, check the documentation for more information.


Via Composer

$ composer require moneyphp/money


  • JSON Serialization
  • Big integer support utilizing different, transparent calculation logic upon availability (bcmath, gmp, plain php)
  • Money formatting (including intl formatter)
  • Currency repositories (ISO currencies included)
  • Money exchange (including Swap implementation)


Please see the official documentation.


We try to follow BDD and TDD, as such we use both phpspec and phpunit to test this library.

$ composer test

Running the tests in Docker

Money requires a set of dependencies, so you might want to run it in Docker.

First, build the image locally:

$ docker build -t moneyphp .

Then run the tests:

$ docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/app -w /app moneyphp vendor/bin/phpunit --exclude-group segmentation


We would love to see you helping us to make this library better and better. Please keep in mind we do not use suffixes and prefixes in class names, so not CurrenciesInterface, but Currencies. Other than that, Style CI will help you using the same code style as we are using. Please provide tests when creating a PR and clear descriptions of bugs when filing issues.


If you discover any security related issues, please contact us at


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


This library is heavily inspired by Martin Fowler's Money pattern. A special remark goes to Mathias Verraes, without his contributions, in code and via his blog, this library would not be where it stands now.

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