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[ "Did you see revolution's pad? not yet? it will be a revolution system"
, "Boom! Did you are unimpressed? and now?"
, "To can create a great boom, Nintendo needs to create a poor boom to can counterattack again and impress all their nintendo fans."
, "Unlike all you, I'm waiting to see the great boom! The mistery will be revealed and it is on the Revolution's controller pad."
, "Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?"
, "We automated a site recently and several jquery's came to using a core engine of jquery 1.3.2"
, "What does the core engine do? Should one core be OK for all jquery's? "
, "When I tried to use one base core, but the functionality didn't work. So far I haven't had a problem."
, "My site is completely unavailable because of you! You bitch!"
, "What is this, I don't even..."
, "If I choose lots of files tactics, then I become to have directory traversal security problem?"
, "Given the climate of the current JS developer community I believe jQuery to be the best fit given the climate of the industry."
, "Using jQuery with XY&Z helps to facilitate learning as the problems are already divided and isolated."
, "jQuery in my opinion meets the masses where the masses are."
, "Do I wish everyone understood the tools that dojo provides."
, "What they are looking for a technology or wa Selbs treniren Nich is difficult, but time and wünche, each brings him purely what they are looking for."
, "Although div does not work in many older web browsers, it works in recent versions of popular web browsers"
, "If i use jquery in noconflict plugin will work fine as $?"
, "Even before this, you are actually going to use that anyone would want to make more?"
, "How can i use this to select from which element the function was called?"
, "we can meetup at a cigarbar and smoke a couple fat cubans unless your not into that"
, "The new icon changes your desktop look really professional!"
, "Because in \"normal\" js is only getElementById which even not working well no normal getElementByClass"
, "For some reason this doesn't sign in when I barely start using it and when i try to go to it and it isn't signed it, I can't sign in on that page."
, "can i use document.write to call a json"
, "once you understand it will be a red head to wash with dirty waters.. no problem enjoy"
, "life is hard... be alive is funny... sufferin for other happyness is a non sense"
, "is it possible to a object of swfobject render itself?"
, "if a jQuery getter is called andthen chained, does the second function call not call end() on the previous getter to find the previous selection?"
, "Hy just wondering if you had ever made any images with those tick boxes i.e portrait would look great."
, "when tried doing this with ajax, i found the styles and checkboxes would appear no more even when the respective css,js files are included in php file called via ajax"
, "Is these a bug?"
, "whats happening is this thing happened i guess"
, "security wize i think new international policy witha task team loging in through microsoft network requerments a net licence will fix most of the criminal activity on line and think interpole should b inv"
, "is their a polite way of saying your ignorant ajpiano"