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Android Debug Bridge + Chrome Tracing
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adb_trace: Android Debug Bridge + Chrome Tracing

This repo's source is no longer updated.

The documentation below is updated and revised, however the source in this repo is stale.

You will get best results with the adb_profile_chrome and systrace scripts in Catapult, which is part of Chromium. You'll find them in bin within catapult/systrace

cd systrace
./bin/adb_profile_chrome --continuous -z --view

The binaries have different names than before, so the documentation below will need some adapting. :)

If you attempt to use this repo, follow the install instructions at the bottom.


Grabbing a capture from Chrome stable and viewing it:

./ --continuous --view

  Capturing chrome trace. Press Enter to stop early...done
  Trace written to chrome-profile-results-2013-10-25-181905.html

Common operations

The documentation of all options is available below.

# Basic capture from stable
#   options: records until buffer full, opens viewer
./ --continuous --view

# Using dev channel chrome
./ --browser dev --continuous --view

# Android Systrace provides more detailed low-level statistics
  # List systrace categories available to record
./ --systrace list

  # Record a systrace
./ --systrace gfx,input,view,sched,freq    --continuous --view

Systrace note: by default we also record a normal Chrome trace in addition to the Android Systrace. This can be controlled with the --categories flag.

Command Line Options

./ --help

Usage: [options]

Record about://tracing profiles from Android browsers. See for detailed instructions for profiling.

General options

 -h, --help            show this help message and exit
 -b BROWSER, --browser=BROWSER
                       Select among installed browsers. One of
                       android_webview_shell, beta, build, chrome,
                       chrome_beta, chrome_canary, chrome_dev,
                       chrome_document, chrome_shell, chrome_stable,
                       chrome_work, chromecast_shell,
                       chromedriver_webview_shell, chromium,
                       components_browsertests, content_shell, dev, stable,
                       "stable" is used by default.
 -v, --verbose         Verbose logging.
 -z, --compress        Compress the resulting trace with gzip.
 -d DEVICE, --device=DEVICE
                       The Android device ID to use.If not specified, only 0
                       or 1 connected devices are supported.

Timed tracing:

-t N, --time=N      Profile for N seconds and download the resulting

Continuous tracing:

--continuous        Profile continuously until stopped.
--ring-buffer       Use the trace buffer as a ring buffer and save its
                    contents when stopping instead of appending events
                    into one long trace.

Chrome tracing options:

                    Select Chrome tracing categories with comma-delimited
                    wildcards, e.g., "*", "cat1*,-cat1a". Omit this option
                    to trace Chrome's default categories. Chrome tracing
                    can be disabled with "--categories=''". Use "list" to
                    see the available categories.
--trace-cc          Deprecated, use --trace-frame-viewer.
                    Enable enough trace categories for compositor frame
                    Enable enough trace categories for ubercompositor
                    frame data.
--trace-gpu         Enable extra trace categories for GPU data.
--trace-flow        Enable extra trace categories for IPC message flows.
--trace-memory      Enable extra trace categories for memory profile.
                    (tcmalloc required)
--trace-scheduler   Enable extra trace categories for scheduler state

Systrace tracing options:

                    Capture a systrace with the chosen comma-delimited
                    systrace categories. You can also capture a combined
                    Chrome + systrace by enabling both types of
                    categories. Use "list" to see the available
                    categories. Systrace is disabled by default.

Perf profiling options:

-p, --perf          Capture a perf profile with the chosen comma-delimited
                    event categories. Samples CPU cycles by default. Use
                    "list" to see the available sample types.

Java tracing:

--ddms              Trace Java execution using DDMS sampling.

Output options:

-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                    Save trace output to file.
--json              Save trace as raw JSON instead of HTML.
--view              Open resulting trace file in a browser.


trace-event-viewer is a standalone version of Chrome's about:tracing UI for viewing multithreaded performance traces. Works on OSX and Linux and even Windows using Chrome Apps v2 to make it look like a regular app.

It's included as a submodule in this repo:


  1. For this repo (only) Pull in the necessary dependencies with git submodule update --init.
  2. Install Android SDK. Verify adb is in your path
  3. Ensure that your Android device is connected and USB debugging is enabled
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