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Added Ceaser link to notes.

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@@ -176,6 +176,7 @@
+ The closest thing to box-shadow for IE is <a href="">Blur with makeShadow</a> but you need a duplicate div.
+ The rotation transform ends up with a different transform-origin in IE. Look at heygrady's <a href="">transform</a>
library and his <a href="">excellent guide</a> for the best results.
+ + If you’re doing transitions, Matthew Lein’s <a href="">Ceaser</a> generates code with lots of presets, including the Penner equations.
&copy; 2010; a <a href="">Paul Irish</a> and <a href="">Jonathan Neal</a> joint, <small>in association w/ <a href="">Boaz Sender</a> and <a href="">Zoltan Hawryluk</a>.</small>
@@ -190,6 +191,7 @@
<pre class="rule changelog">
+ 2010.03.26: Added Ceaser link.
2010.03.25: Fixed the gradient flipflop. Fixed fixed positioning bug.
2010.04.04: New copy to clipboard style. Better mousewheel support.
2010.04.05: <a href="">Real rotation</a> in IE (Thx Zoltan!). Added transition. No more DropShadow for IE (it's crap)
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