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add changelog entry. fontspring revised.

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1 parent c947b70 commit e45b93ca86e626f2b4c604c75ffbcb22177d8550 @paulirish committed Jul 27, 2011
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@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@
<pre class="rule">
@font-face {
font-family: '<b g="1">WebFont</b>';
- src: url('<b g="0">myfont</b>.eot#') format('eot'), <span class="comment">/* IE6–8 <span class="endcomment">*/</span></span>
+ src: url('<b g="0">myfont</b>.eot?#') format('eot'), <span class="comment">/* IE6–8 <span class="endcomment">*/</span></span>
url('<b g="0">myfont</b>.woff') format('woff'), <span class="comment">/* FF3.6+, IE9, Chrome6+, Saf5.1+<span class="endcomment">*/</span></span>
url('<b g="0">myfont</b>.ttf') format('truetype'); <span class="comment">/* Saf3—5, Chrome4+, FF3.5, Opera 10+ <span class="endcomment">*/</span></span>
@@ -244,6 +244,7 @@
2011.04.09: Simplified and corrected MS gradient filter syntax. (thanks <a href="">david meister</a>)
2011.04.11: Added <a href="">background-clip</a> for the border-radius rule (thx <a href="//">matthewlein</a>!).
2011.04.12: Added gradient for IE10! (thx <a href="">calvein</a>!)
+ 2011.07.27: Added multicolumn. (thx <a href="">hotmeteor</a>!)

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