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s10wen commented Aug 30, 2012

Updated css values where possible e.g. 0px to 0, #ffffff to #fff.

s10wen commented Aug 30, 2012

Am I missing something? Just noticed on the site, sometimes the hex values as #000, but sometimes as #000000. Shouldn't they always be 3 digit where possible? Cheers.


paulirish commented Aug 31, 2012

I prefer the six digit always. if you're gonna do hex, do 6 digit and deal with your greyscale having repetition.

but i'd rather author in hsl anyway..

s10wen commented Aug 31, 2012

Ok, cheers, saw your http://mothereffinghsl.com/ (nice source code btw!) and http://www.useragentman.com/blog/2010/08/28/coding-colors-easily-using-css3-hsl-notation/

It's just:
hsl(0, 100%, 50%)

Seems so long in comparison to:

Tried searching re 'greyscale having repetition' but couldn't find anything, what's the issue please?


curtisblackwell commented Aug 31, 2012

the repetition is in there being two of each of the three digits in the hex.

#f00 → #ff0000

my guess is Paul prefers consistency to the nominal difference in time-saved/smaller file-size argument that supports the switch to three-digit hex when possible.

s10wen commented Aug 31, 2012

Gotcha, cool cheers.


paulirish commented Aug 31, 2012

bingo. thx curtis :)

i'm just saying for authoring usability... I think jumping onto HSL is
best. use a preprocessor to compile back to hex for legacy browsers if need

and css minifiers already make the 6 to 3 digit crush

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