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Paul's dotfiles

  • I maintain this repo as my dotfiles, but I'm keenly aware people are using it for theirs.
  • You're quite welcome to make suggestions, however I may decline if it's not of personal value to me.
  • If you're starting off anew, consider forking mathias or alrra. paulmillr and gf3 also have great setups


I would not suggest you just wholesale use my dotfiles. But there's a few files where there's great goodies you can steal.


This repo contains config for fish and bash. As of 2016, I primarily use fish shell, but fall back to bash once in a while. The bash and fish stuff are both well maintained. If you're using fish you'll want to do a git submodule update --init.

my favorite parts.

aliases and functions

So many goodies.

The "readline config" (.inputrc)

Basically it makes typing into the prompt amazing.

  • tab like crazy for autocompletion that doesnt suck. tab all the things. srsly.
  • no more that says "Display all 1745 possibilities? (y or n)" YAY
  • type cat <uparrow> to see your previous cats and use them.
  • case insensitivity.
  • tab all the livelong day.


  • err'body gotta have their aliases. I'm no different.

Moving around in folders (z, ..., cdf)

z helps you jump around to whatever folder. It uses actual real magic to determine where you should jump to. Seperately there's some ... aliases to shorten cd ../.. and .., .... etc. Then, if you have a folder open in Finder, cdf will bring you to it.

z dotfiles
z blog
....      # drop back equivalent to cd ../../..
z public
cdf       # cd to whatever's up in Finder

z learns only once its installed so you'll have to cd around for a bit to get it taught. Lastly, I use open . to open Finder from this path. (That's just available normally.)

overview of files

shell environment

  • .aliases, .bash_profile, .bash_prompt, .bashrc, .exports, .functions

manual run

  • - random apps i need installed
  • - sets up symlinks for all dotfiles and vim config.
  • .macos - run on a fresh mac os setup
  • & - homebrew initialization

git, brah

  • .gitconfig
  • .gitignore

.extra for your private configuration

There will be items that don't belong to be committed to a git repo, because either 1) it shoudn't be the same across your machines or 2) it shouldn't be in a git repo. Kick it off like this:

touch ~/.extra && $EDITOR $_

I have some EXPORTS, my PATH construction, and a few aliases for ssh'ing into my servers in there.

Sensible OS X defaults in .macos

Mathias's repo is the canonical for this, but you should probably run his or mine after reviewing it.


One-off binaries that aren't via an npm global or homebrew. git open, subl for Sublime Text, and some other git utilities.

2020 update

Rust folks have made a few things that are changing things.

Dotfiles mgmt todo

Also I'd like to migrate to using one of these:

also interested in