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docs on photobooth hack. pygments install.

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@@ -39,13 +39,16 @@ git clone git://
# my magic photobooth symlink -> dropbox. I love it.
-# first move Photo Booth folder out of Pictures and into dropbox/public
-# then:
-ln -s ~/Dropbox/Public/Photo\ Booth/ ~/Pictures/Photo\ Booth
+# first move Photo Booth folder out of Pictures
+# then start Photo Booth. It'll ask where to put the library.
+# put it in Dropbox/public
# now you can record photobooth videos quickly and they upload to dropbox DURING RECORDING
# then you grab public URL and send off your video message in a heartbeat.
+# for the c alias (syntax highlighted cat)
+sudo easy_install Pygments
# chrome canary as default

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