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kill mathias terminal edits.

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commit ecb31c1388fa23d2ccd3591d5172d0c14ce8e98a 1 parent f9b84e3
@paulirish authored
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5 .osx
@@ -371,11 +371,6 @@ defaults write NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add "Send" "@\\U21a9"
# Only use UTF-8 in
defaults write StringEncodings -array 4
-# Use a modified version of the Pro theme by default in
-open "$HOME/init/Mathias.terminal"
-sleep 1 # Wait a bit to make sure the theme is loaded
-defaults write "Default Window Settings" -string "Mathias"
-defaults write "Startup Window Settings" -string "Mathias"
# Enable “focus follows mouse” for and all X11 apps
# i.e. hover over a window and start typing in it without clicking first
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