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2.0.0 is the first major release since this script debuted.

Just since this spring, git open saw some massive improvements:

👍 Features & improvements

  • A complete test suite, handling all the edge cases reported over the years
  • A brand new implementation, made generic and simple
  • Support for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server added. (git open now supports 8 different repo hosts!)
  • git open --issue (or -i) extracts any numbers in the branch name and opens the issue link
  • Help text available with git open -h
  • Configuration for default remote added
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux is supported

⚠️ Breaking changes

Be aware there are two breaking changes:

  1. git open issue is now git open -i or git open --issue
  2. If you had any gitopen.gitlab.domain configuration, you'll need to migrate it to the new generic config.

⬆️ Upgrading

If you've installed git open with NPM, upgrade with npm install --global git-open
Otherwise, all the other documented installation mechanisms work great.

👏 Thanks!

HUGE thanks to everyone for their time and attention.
Big shoutouts to @derimagia, @ffes, @ethomson, @lovef and all the others for your thoughtful contributions. This has been a really fun project to collaborate on.

If you've forgotten, this is git open in action:

Demo of git open in action