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A collection of addons/plugins for jQuery - mostly overloaded jQuery methods...
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  • You can now request an elements entire data object by passing no arguments to data():

    $(element).data(); // => {/* data object */}
  • The bind method accepts multiple events handlers by passing an object with each property as a handler:

        click: function(){},
        mouseover: function(){},
        mouseout: function(){}
  • The bind method also accepts an non-function event handler in the form of an actionable-object:

    $(element).bind('click', { toggleClass: 'something' });
    // This applies to one(), click(), mouseover() etc. etc.
  • There's a helpful log function under jQuery's namespace:

  • Every initial selection you make is assigned to jQuery._this:

    $(element).width( $._this.parent().innerWidth() );
  • The end method now accepts a numerical argument signifying how far back you want to go:

    $(element).find('a').find('span').end(2); // (goes back to $(element))
  • The filter method now accepts a matching criteria in the form of an object:

        id: /^(apple|banana|mango)$/,
        src: /\.(png|jpg)$/,
        rel: 'something'
  • The map method accepts a string signifying what attributes to map:

    $(lotsOfElements).map('attr:href'); // => ['', '', ...]
  • All setter methods accept functions; these function must returnt he intended value:

        return {
            color: $(this).css('backgroundColor')
  • All getter methods can return a full array of results instead of a single one; to enable this you must pass true as the very first argument:

    $(lotsOfElements).width(); // 120
    $(lotsOfElements).width(true); // [120, 230, 125, ...]
  • You can query data in selectors by using the :data selector. Passing no arguments tests if that elements has any data.

    $('div:data'); // => All DIVs with data
    $('div:data(abc)'); // => Tests that "abc" property is a truthy value
    $('div:data(abc=123)'); // => Tests that "abc" prop is equal to "123"
    $('div:data(abc=/\\d/)'); // => Tests that "abc" prop has at least one digit
  • %= operator can be used in attribute selectors for testing against a regular expression:

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