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@paulirish paulirish released this 04 Oct 18:40
· 4 commits to master since this release

v0.3.0 is out published on npm! woohoo!

The double-tap bug (aka reliable autoplay)

lite-yt-embed now uses the YouTube Player API to force autoplay. (While as user wouldn't see this as "autoplay", we want the real youtube iframe to autoplay once the user clicks play.) While desktop browsers were reliably autoplaying, mobile wasn't. Chromium-based browsers on Android were flaky. This change (#109 and #90) resolves the double-tap bug for Android and iPhone (usually). Thanks @dantovbein for getting this started.

However, iPad almost always doesn't autoplay and needs the double-tap. iPhone sometimes needs it as well. WebKit on iOS's relationship with autoplay is a weird one and while I've done a lot of research, more work is required.

I've been putting off this release until I can fully resolve autoplay, but at this point it's past due to ship things, even if it's not "done". Apologies folks. (Of course if a contributor has the tenacity to finish off this effort before I do, I'd very much welcome it!).

Core improvements

  • Fix duplicate iframes being created (#97)
  • Actually use progressive enhancement with a link rather than button (#117)
  • remove version="1.1" from SVG (not needed) (#99)
  • remove poster image preload (#106)
  • Remove href from button to prevent possible navigation (#124)

Repo stuff

  • Add .editorconfig (#107)
  • Rename now.json to vercel.json (#115)
  • Updated progressive enhancement example (#118)
  • Update Lighthouse CI and Node (#98)
  • Update node and GitHub Actions versions (#126)
  • readme: Add kylemocode/react-lite-yt-embed (#71)
  • readme: add React component port (#83)

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.2.0...v0.3.0