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matchMedia.addListener doesn't fire when media query transitions from matched to unmatched #27

WickyNilliams opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Nick Williams
Nick Williams

The addListener polyfill does not work exactly as one would expect.

If the media query transitions from an unmatched to a matched state, the callback is fired. If the query transitions from a matched state to an unmatched state, the callback is not triggered.

Here's a fiddle to demonstrate the issue:

Of course the above should be tested in IE9 or something. Alternatively, this version I've just removed the guard clauses around the polyfills so it should be demonstrable in any browser:

In simple terms the following code will never be reached:

matchMedia("screen and (min-width:1px)").addListener(function(mql) {
   if(!mql.matches) {
      alert("you ain't seen me, right?!");
Nick Williams

See pull request for fix, will close this for now

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