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Add support for match -> unmatch transition, fix for #27 #28

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I always get this wrong, always forget that github creates an issue when you make a PR, so please forgive my incompetence here!

Anyway, this is a fix for the issue I raised previously, #27. Have tested in IE9 and can confirm it works a charm. If there are code style issues or anything let me know and I will endeavour to fix.



Please can someone look at this as soon as is convenient? I'm relying on this fix (or any other fix for the aforementioned issue 27) being merged in to support the next iteration of my library and currently this is a blocker.

Would be very much appreciated


This looks good to me. How bout you, @paulirish ?

@knightdr knightdr referenced this pull request in weblinc/picture

rewrite so it works without media.js #7


We did something similar for Drupal 8 and sovled it a bit different, see


@attiks I was literally trying to make the smallest change possible to fix.

Thanks @scottjehl, now where is that elusive @paulirish when you need him?!


looking.. (sorry i missed the pings)


i like it. Much better than putting all that logic inside of the condition. :)

Add a code comment that says something like "fire the callback when transitioning either in or out of the matched state."

then it's LGTM.



Understandable, you're probably overwhelmed by notifications.

Code clarity above all else :) I had an internal debate about such a comment but thought the variable naming made it clear enough. Happy to comply though.


*ahem* :)


Tested it. Looks good to me. Pulling in now. Thanks @WickyNilliams!

@scottjehl scottjehl merged commit 6b26010 into from
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Commits on Jan 7, 2013
  1. @WickyNilliams
Commits on Jan 12, 2013
  1. @WickyNilliams

    add explanatory comment

    WickyNilliams authored
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Showing with 7 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +7 −3 matchMedia.addListener.js
10 matchMedia.addListener.js
@@ -10,8 +10,12 @@
last = false,
check = function(){
- var list = oldMM( q );
- if( list.matches && !last ){
+ var list = oldMM( q ),
+ unmatchToMatch = list.matches && !last,
+ matchToUnmatch = !list.matches && last;
+ //fire callbacks only if transitioning to or from matched state
+ if( unmatchToMatch || matchToUnmatch ){
for( var i =0, il = listeners.length; i< il; i++ ){
listeners[ i ].call( ret, list );
@@ -40,4 +44,4 @@
return ret;
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