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remaining issues before launch.. #11

paulirish opened this Issue · 14 comments

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  • copy edits to CSS, Javascript, Quizzes sections to clean up language, and add blockquotes where possible. (follow what snover did in html) - FIXED
  • mention the resources of "What" in the Road Ahead section. FIXED
  • mathias fixes smoothscroll script. FIXED
  • see what else w3schools already fixed? :/
  • konami code easter egg??
  • change pink ::selection to something else. FIXED
  • edit this text <snippp>: FIXED
  • I'd really love to have a chrome extension that does the -w3schools, mdc and kill SO clones thing for this...


  • set up twitter avatar
  • set up twitter background.
  • tweet it from @w3fools
  • RT

if you can help out with any of these (please do) or add anything else to the todo list.. leave a comment


I can help out with copy edits either later tonight or tomorrow some time.


I've changed the ::selection to the same maroon as the headings.


i'd make the edit text more snarky: "W3Schools has changed their site ( big surprise, they'd hate to lose any $ selling useless certificates no doubt )..."

i can get into the smoothscroll if mathias can't

re: the road ahead, worth putting in something about advocating sites not out to make a $$ but improve the dev community?


and ya, tweet from w3fools and watch it fly across the interwebs


The smooth scrolling script has been patched, but I’d love to implement a more robust fix. I’ll look into it after work. See issue 10 for more information.

+1 on tweeting from @w3fools and RTing from there. Suggestions on what exactly to tweet? Remember we got a cool avatar, so how about something like…

I pity the fool who browses W3Schools [… herp derp blah …]

I’m sure ajpiano can come up with something clever :)


Looking good guys!

We going to have a nice 'Tweet This' button as well before launch?

Don't think it needs a Facebook Like button?

opinions etc?


okay we're looking pretty good.. i've updated the ticket with all the fixed things..

  • I'd really love to have a chrome extension/userscript that does the -w3schools, mdc and kill SO clones thing for this... Get in touch if you wanna tackle this
  • tweet this button? (@ben, do you actually use them?) i'm leaning towards no on this.
  • easter egg? any ideas? must be ~low-effort and classy.

otherwise we're good. ot has details on launch.


So I actually use tweet buttons quite a bit as of late..

I've knocked up a chrome extension that pops up a warning when you hover w3schools links, will fire a link over in the GMT morning!


Is it such a big effort to open twitter client and tweet? :(


Konami code easter egg idea: spawn Mr. T pics ALL OVER THE SCREEN


@nimbupani they're good when there's something you want to tweet, but you can't think of anything to write with it (as the url + text is pre-filled for you..). I'm just lazy.

@mathias redirect to a Mr T version of something like this - ??

Here's the rough chrome extension for adding a warning on links:

In a nutshell it basically adds the following style:

    /* catch links to w3schools:hover & add content after */
a[href*='']:hover:after, a[href*='']:hover:after, a[href*='']:hover:after{
    content: 'Warning: W3Schools!';
    position: absolute;
    z-index: 101; /* prevent insite search box on google covering warning*/
    display: block;
    padding: 0.5em 2em;
    margin: 0.2em;
    background: hsla(1, 74%, 50%, 0.8);
    color: #FFFFFF;
    font-weight: bold;
    border: 1px solid  hsla(1, 74%, 50%, 1);
    -webkit-border-radius: 4px;

To add to what @bencollier said, we can also pre-fill any hashtags or references back to @w3fools with our own tweet button.


Ok, I am convinced :) and how about Mr T in the extension, warning people not to visit w3schools :D :D


So, 2 years after launch this is open. Let's put it to rest?

@Garbee Garbee closed this
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