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Out sites that recommend w3schools? #21

ryanseddon opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Ryan Seddon Jonathan Garbee Roy Ronalds Addy Osmani Ben Word
Ryan Seddon

So the other day I was working on a clients blog and setting up custom CSS and noticed they had this little number just near the editor.

For help with CSS try W3Schools, A List Apart, and our own CSS documentation and CSS Forum.

Wordpress should know better. W3Schools and A List Apart shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence.

Clearly recommending an alternative source would be a win for beginners.

Roy Ronalds

Certainly that would be something to approach wordpress about, even if you ended up pointing them at

Addy Osmani

They would be far better off recommending the MDN if nowhere else.

Ben Word

looks like it's since been updated to:

New to CSS? Start with a beginner tutorial. Questions? Ask in the CSS Customization forum.

Jonathan Garbee

I don't see a feasible way for us to maintain a list of sites that recommend W3Schools. It would be quite lengthy and people write things at one point then forget about it and may never update or think about it. Especially going over pull requests. The closest thing we could do is turn the wiki on for this repo and let anyone edit that. Then if the community would want to maintain it they could. Honestly though, I'm not seeing any real benefit from a list. :neutral_face:

Jonathan Garbee Garbee closed this
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