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- namespaces (review concept, use and test)
- Better testing
- Error messages in repl
- remove jquery dependency
- get a better REPL (maybe email the clojure, scala, whoever guys and ask if I can borrow some of the code)
- Write Tutorial
- 'native' (aka javascript) function interface
=> Idea: have user add to wisp.userFunctions and object similar to basic env in syntax & interface.
All functions added get mixed in under keyed namespace
- Garbage collection & memory usage -> reason about this. Gut inclination is currently implementation eats up memory.
- Exception Handling
- line numbers in error messages
- call stack in error messages (how would this be possible?)
- Improve test coverage
- better documentation all around
- move some special forms out of core interpreter and into basic functions
- docstrings / doc system
- warnings on redefining? Maybe a "redef" language construct
- static type checker? Or at least a jslint style checker?
- gensyms in macros (hygenic macros) (maybe this should be done before release)
- lazy evaluation (want infinite lists, etc..)?
- objects/type system/define-type?
- performance optimization