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Node.js v7 async/await demo

What is this?

Node.js v7.x.x ships with experimental async/await support, greatly simplifying boilerplate required for writing modern server side code. This project is a demonstration of the minimal setup in order to use the new async/await features in Node.

NOTE: async/await are not officially supported in Node.js v7.x at this point. You are welcome to try things out, but there may be no support if you encounter bugs.

Node.js v7 - simple setup (recommended)

Download and install node.js v7 release version for your platform from

Node.js v7 - setup using node version manager (nvm)

Go to and follow the instructions on installing nvm for your platform. Afterwards, run:

nvm install 7
nvm use 7

Run the demo

Currently async / await support ships under --harmony-async-await flag. npm start command executes node --harmony-async-await index.js

npm install
npm start

What does not work

While async/await is a great addition, some things like ES6 module support (import x from 'x') and arrow function support in class declaration (class A { b() => {} }) are still not supported.

If you use these features you might still want to keep a ES6/ES7 -> ES5 transpiler like Babel.


Node.js 7.x async / await support demonstration



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