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Tool suite for working with AWS written with Node.js
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AWS Tools with Node.js

Tool suite for working with AWS written with Node.js. The tools available manage S3 buckets and SimpleDB databases.


After cloning this repo, run npm install to pull down the AWS SDK.

The scripts use a function within the SDK to load configuration from a file, therefore, create a file called aws-[s3|sdb]-config.json and place the file in a folder called config.

The file should take the format for S3:

// S3 (aws-s3-config.json)
  "accessKeyId": "YOUR_KEY", 
  "secretAccessKey": "YOUR_SECRET", 
  "region": "",
  "computeChecksums": true

And the following format for SDB:

// SDB (aws-sdb-config.json)
  "accessKeyId": "YOUR_KEY", 
  "secretAccessKey": "YOUR_SECRET", 
  "region": "eu-west-1"

You may also have to chmod +x the two aws-*.js scripts.

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