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I wrote this text as part of an assignment for a company I applied to for a position in the marketing team. I was asked to write the opening paragraphs and a high-level outline for a hypothetical blog post titled "Turn Your Acme Video Into Compelling Facebook Ads That Convert".

I have replaced the company's name with "Acme".

The text

When you are telling a story, video draws your audience in where you can inspire them to take action. Video is visceral, compelling and it is an engaging medium for your Facebook ads.

According to a Nielsen study commissioned by Facebook, a consumer is as much as 74% more likely to make a purchase decision after watching a video on Facebook for just 10 seconds. It's no wonder we see such a proliferation of video content online, especially by smaller businesses looking for ways to make the biggest impact with more limited budgets.

Video is a remarkably flexible medium. Whether you want to boost brand awareness, inform prospective customers about the benefits of your solution or tip them over to a purchase decision, video ads can help you reach those goals by incorporating them into supercharged remarketing campaigns.

In this article I will explain how you can use Acme to create effective Facebook video ads that convert through highly targeted video marketing campaigns that speak to each stage of your prospective customer's journey towards a sale.

How to create captivating videos

Overview: tips for creating great videos that can be used in Facebook ads. This section with include links to "7 Easy Steps For Creating Videos That Convert" and "Best Practices for Advertising on Facebook with Video".

Delivering relevant videos at the right time

Overview: an overview of how to create and operate an intent-based remarketing sales funnel and how consumer intent changes as the consumer moves through the funnel. The section will briefly suggest different content approaches based on changing intent in order to better capture/retain the consumer's attention.

Automating, optimizing and converting

Overview: tips for automating and optimizing the funnel based on data about campaign performance and, ultimately, converting prospects into paying customers at the end of the funnel. This will be the culmination of the funnel with its varied and targeted ads.


In the conclusion, recap the main themes: effectiveness of video ads; ease with which businesses can use Acme to create visually compelling videos that address changing intents; the power of well conceived funnels and how automation can bring it all together to deliver a marketing and sales strategy that achieves strong results.