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I (unsuccessfully) applied to Wix for a marketing position and I was asked to write this hypothetical email newsletter promoting four Apps from the Wix App Market. I have retained Wix's name in this text because I included screenshots from the Wix and the text refers to specific Wix Apps.

One or more of the image links in this document may fail as the source images are moved.


Hi {First Name}

Whether your site is a space where you share your passion or your business' home on the web, it thrives when you have a great relationship with your audience.

This week, our team has put together a list of four great apps in the Wix App Market and that will help you build stronger and more meaningful relationships with your website's visitors.

Instant Facebook Messenger conversations from your site

About a billion people use Facebook Messenger every day. We certainly do and it's a terrific way to keep in touch with friends, family, and customers.

Too often it can be a hassle to connect with someone through a conventional website contact form.

Make it easy for visitors to connect with you. Add Facebook Messenger to your site with the Live Messenger app from LUMIFISH Labs.

Live Messenger is easy to set up, integrates into your Facebook Page, and your fans and customers can start a conversation with you instantly. With this app, it's almost effortless for people to get in touch with you through your site.

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Flexible contact options for your customers

Whether your customers prefer to use live chat, text messages, email, instant messaging or to leave callback requests, make it easy for them to connect with you using Easy Customer Contact from Bontact.

This 4.5 star app lets you manage all of these interactions in one place with a customizable dashboard. You can track your visitors in real-time and capture all of your interactions with your customers so you can respond to them more effectively.

You'll also love the free, companion mobile app that keeps you connected no matter where you are. Try the Easy Customer Contact app today.

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Instant feedback from your community

What better way for your community to give you feedback than from your site using powerful commenting features? With Comments from Uri Shaked, building a vibrant community on your site couldn't be easier.

Also be sure to use the free mobile app so you can manage new feedback from your visitors while you are on the go.

Here's a great tip: Invite your audience to post testimonials with Comments. This is a powerful form of social proof that gives your site added credibility because the people posting them have first-hand experience with you.

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While you're deciding which apps to use, check out Wix Stories for inspiration from your fellow Wix users.

With more than 260 apps in the Wix App Market, you're sure to find many that will help you build a more vibrant community and more engaged audience.

As always, send us feedback. We'd love to hear from you.

The Wix Team.