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I mentioned in a previous item that I (unsuccessfully) applied to Wix for a position in its marketing team. This item was one of the assignments I was given. I was asked to write the script for a hypothetical tutorial video explaining how to add full-width galleries to a Wix website.

I have retained Wix's name in this document because the assignment refers to specific Wix menu options and workflows.


On screen Voice narrative
Text banner: Bold, Beautiful Photo Galleries In this video we are going to talk about how to use full width galleries in your Wix site.
Animation cycling between a series of pages with full width galleries. Go beyond standard photo galleries and really bring your photos to life with photo galleries that fill the width of your screen and make the most of that display area.
Reasons to use full-width galleries
Text banner: The Perfect Showcase
Bullet list:
  • Professional photographers
  • Travel bloggers
  • Foodies
Whether you are a professional photographer, travel blogger or foodie, full width galleries will "wow" your site visitors.
Bullet list:
  • Dramatic photo galleries
  • Spectacular travel destinations
  • Exciting new dishes
Think about how well full width galleries will show off your photography portfolio or bring your passions to life in stunning, high definition.
Best practices for full-width galleries
Text banner: Tips
Bullet list:
  • Horizontal photos work best
  • Upload higher resolution photos
  • Pick attention-grabbing scenes
Full width galleries work best with big, beautiful photos that will look great on your visitor's HD screen. Choose horizontal or landscape oriented photos because they will better fit most screens and don't be afraid to use high resolution images. You don't want your photos to look pixelated if they are supposed to be bold and sharp.
How to implement in Wix Editor
Text banner: Drag and drop Installing a full width gallery is as easy as choosing the layout you like the most and dragging it across to your page.
Animation illustrating a person selecting a gallery page in the page drop-down In the Wix Editor, either go to the page you want to add the full-width gallery to or create a new page for the gallery.
Animation illustrating a person clicking on the "Add" button, "Gallery" and scrolling down the list to the "Full Width Gallery" section. Show a gallery design being dragged across to the page. Click on the "Add" button on the left and select "Gallery". Then, scroll down till you find the "Full Width Galleries" selection. Drag the style you prefer across to your page.
Animation highlighting the gallery edit tools and the option to select new photos. Click on the title and description to edit the text and replace the stock gallery images with yours. You can edit the gallery style just by selecting the paintbrush icon. That opens the gallery design panel.
Animation illustrating gallery customization options. Customize your gallery settings with options like auto-play, whether the photos in your gallery will include text and transition effects for when your photos transition within the gallery.
Animation showing gallery being saved and transitioning to the published version. Remember to save your page as you work to preserve your changes. You can also preview your new gallery page to make sure it is just right before you publish it.
Now that you know how to add a beautiful full-width gallery to your website, it's time to pick your favorite photos and reveal them to the world
Final call to action
Do even more! Another great way to deliver a terrific experience on your site is with video. Why not find out how you can also use video to keep site visitors hooked.
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