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The brief for this assignment was to write a short post for DeviantArt to encourage community members to contribute towards a crowdsourced awareness campaign. Given when I wrote this, I picked Pride Month.


June is Pride Month and a time to remember past injustices and celebrate our wonderful diversity. What better way to share our pride in who we are and the people we love than through art.

Gilbert Baker hacked our culture with his iconic rainbow flag and we have an opportunity to continue his work with color, design, shapes and ideas. Baker's first flag was a collaborative effort by volunteers, each making contributions that had special meaning to them.

Join us in a new collaborative effort this Pride Month. Let us express our hopes, disappointments, longings and dreams of a just and more inclusive future.

Together, let's weave our narrative through our art and create a digital tapestry that celebrates our diverse culture and our shared passions. Mostly, celebrate being our own brand of deviants.

Add your voice below and receive the special Pride Month tribute badge. Wear it proudly.