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This is a build of b2g desktop for Mac OSX ( ril enabled, debug disabled). (b2g-15.0a1.en-US.mac64) To install and run this, you also need a local copy 

- Mac
- A local copy of the b2g Gaia repo. DOn't forget to run make in the gaia dir. i.e.
	$ git clone
	$ cd gaia
	$ make

Installing this B2G build on a  mac
1. Grab the dmg from this repo 
	git clone

2. Open the DMG file, and drag the B2G folder to your Applications folder

3. Run the app using profile from the Gaia directory. For example, if you cloned gaia in ~/src directory , you run the following command:

	/Applications/ -profile ~/src/gaia/profile

More option,help and how to build your own version are available from:

*NOTE: It may crash on first run with "ensureDB error cb!" in the console. Not sure why this is, but closing and reopening worked for me.