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Static analysis tool for javascript code based. Scanjs uses Esprima to convert sources to AST, then walks AST looking for patterns.
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  • Static analysis tool for javascript codebases. Scanjs uses Acorn to convert sources to AST, then walks AST looking for patterns.
  • Works on both client and server side

Client-side instructions

  • git clone
  • node server.js
  • Navigate to scanjs/client/ or see our example page

Server-side instructions

  • Install node.js
  • git clone
  • cd scanjs
  • npm install
  • node scanner.js -t DIRECTORY_PATH

Testing instructions

We use the mocha testing framework. node server.js

To add tests, create a new file in ```/tests/cases/``` and following the naming
convention, which should be obvious. For example, our rule named .innerHTML
lives in ```/tests/cases/innerhtml.js```.

From there, add the new test case to ```/tests/index.html```. In our
example, that would involve adding a ```<script src='/tests/cases/innerhtml.js'></script>```.
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