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The Gibson

"Mess with the best, die like the rest." - Dade Murphey a.k.a. Crash Override a.k.a. Zero Cool

It's hard to believe it's been over 20 years since we were all flown through the Gibson for the first time. Worse than that though is the lack of how this totally righteous and authentic hacking UI never caught on to the mainstream. This project aims to revive the dashboard of the most 1337 H4X0Rs and serve as a reminder to your friends that their garbage files aren't safe, even when your Gibson is sleeping.

A little googling revealed a previous attempt at a screensaver by John Serafino for Windows. Here I pare his implementation down to work on osx (and eventually other platforms) and open it up to the hacker community to extend to their heart's desire.

Pull requests welcome!


overhead omg, such cool

low_shot wow, real hackz


# Install the Irrlicht 3d engine via homebrew
brew install irrlicht

# Build the makefile deps
cd src

# Run!

Known Issues

  1. This isn't an actual screensaver installable on a mac. (YET!)


All credit goes to the leet John Serafino for the work on the original Windows version of this screensaver.


Licensed under the GPL v3 License.