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A type-safe, low boilerplate wrapper for redux to be used in TypeScript projects.

Elevator pitch

This is how you create a reducer and a store with typeful-redux. Note that all calls are fully type-safe and will trigger type errors when used incorrectly.

interface Todo {
    task: string;
    completed: boolean;

// This map of handlers contains all the information we need
// to create fully type-safe reducers and (bound or unbound)
// action creators
const todoHandler = {
    CLEAR: (_state: Todo[]) => [] as Todo[],
    ADD: (state: Todo[], newTodo: Todo) => [...state, newItem],
    TOGGLE: (state: Todo[], index: number) => [
        ...state.slice(0, index),
        { task: state[index].task, completed: !state[index].completed },
        ...state.slice(index + 1)

const initialState: Todo[] = [];

// todoReducer has the type information on what state and
// actions it can reduce
const todoReducer = createReducer(initialState, todoHandler);

// Creates fully typed action creators for CLEAR, ADD, TOGGLE
const actionCreators = createActionCreators(todoHandler);

// Create the store - combineReducers is not needed but works ;)
const store = createStore(
    combineReducers({ todos: todoReducer })

// The state has type: { todos: Todo[] }
const state = store.getState();

// type error: action has the wrong form - expected just { type: 'CLEAR' }
store.dispatch({ type: 'CLEAR', payload: 'unexpected payload' });
// type error: missing payload
store.dispatch({ type: 'ADD' });

// These all typecheck
store.dispatch(actionCreators.ADD({ task: 'new todo', completed: false }));

// Bound action creators dispatch directly - convenient for mapDispatchToProps
// This is equivalent to the above
const boundCreators = bindActionCreators(actionCreators, store.dispatch);
boundCreators.ADD({ task: 'new todo', completed: false });

A very simple, runnable example app can be found here. A TodoMVC implementation with slightly more features is availabe here.


redux is a fantastic approach to manage state in single page applications. Unfortunately, vanilla redux requires some boilerplate and is hard to use in a type-safe way.

typeful-redux's goal is to make it easy to use redux in a fully type-safe way while also reducing the amount of boilerplate required. This means the redux getState and dispatch functions need to have the right types and these types should be maintained when using the react-redux connect function. Furthermore, typeful-redux also provides helper functions to easily create fully type-safe bound and un-bound action creators.

More specifically, typeful-redux seeks to address the following challenges when using redux:

  • Full type safety: redux makes it hard to fully type the dispatch method, to guarantee that only actions are dispatched which are handled by the store or that the dispatched actions are type correct (i.e. have the right payload).

    typeful-redux creates a store that gives a fully type-safe dispatch object, where every action is available as a function expecting the right payload. The getState method is also fully typed and returns a state with the right type.

  • Low Boilerplate: redux needs actions, possibly action creators and reducers. When trying to set this up in a type-safe way, many things need to be written down twice (or more). This introduces an opportunity for inconsistencies and errors.

    In typeful-redux, actions and their reducers are defined simultaneously,reducing the amount of code that needs to be written and maintained.

  • Avoid inconsistencies: When actions and reducers are defined seperately, there is the potential to forget handeling an action (or to misspell a type in a reducer's switch statement). typeful-redux makes this impossible by requiring the simultaneous definition of an action with its reducing code.

Besides these differences and different surface appearence, typeful-redux is not an alternative redux implementation, it is just a thin wrapper around reducer and store creation. In fact the createStore and combineReducer functions are exactly the functions from redux, they are just typed differently. All the existing redux ecosystem should be usable with this library. Please file an issue if you have trouble using a redux library with typeful-redux.


typeful-redux exports a few functions and type operators to make type-safe store and action creator creations a breeze. All functions and operators are described here. Also see the examples for example usages. If you find the documentation insufficient please file an issue or complain to me via email (see profile).

typeful-redux functions and concepts


A key concept in typeful-redux is the HandlerMap, an object from action names to handler functions which is used to create the reducer and action creators. The idea is that this object contains all the naming and type information and thus it is not necessary to type any more than that (pun intended!).


A simple type capturing the type of reducers:

type Reducer<State, Actions> = (state: State, action: Actions) => State;


Takes an initial state and a HandlerMap and creates a reducer with correctly typed state and action arguments.

It's full type signature is

createReducer: <HandlerMap extends { [key in string]: (...xs: any[]) => any; }>(
    handler: HandlerMap
): Reducer<StateFromHandlerMap<HandlerMap>, ActionsFromHandlerMap<HandlerMap>>;

StateFromHandlerMap and ActionsFromHandlerMap are type operators which extract the State and Actions types from the handler map.


This is the original combineReducers function from redux, the type signature has been augmented to merge the state and action types so that the resulting reducer is again fully typed.


This is the original createStore from redux, the type signature has been augmented to fully capture the action types to give a fully type-safe dispatch function.


Takes a handler map and returns an object with type-safe action creators. The action creators have the same name as the action and either accept no arguments (for actions without payload) or a single object which has the same type as the second argument of the handler function.


Takes an object of action creators and a store's dispatch method and returns an object of bound creators, meaning these functions directly dispatch the actions.


This is the original react-redux connect function with the type augmented so that the type requirements from the connected component correctly propagate through mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps. This way, the connected component requires a store with the correct getState and dispatch methods.

The type of connect prioritizes type corectness over convenience and currently only supports invokation with both mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps. However, it is easy enough to just supply the identity function with either if the state or dispatch does not need to be modified. The upside is that non-alignment between state and dispatch and a connected components needs will be caught as a type error.

Usage with React's Context API

React 16.3 provides a new context API which is actually possible to use type correctly. So we're fans ;)

This is how you can use it with typeful-redux:

const store = createStore(/* ... */);
const { Provider: StoreProvider, Consumer: StoreConsumer } =

    <StoreProvider value={store}>
        /* ... */
            {store => <App store={store}/>}
        /* ... */

Usage with redux-thunk

With the new API since version 0.4 it should be easier to use typeful-redux with redux-thunk. An example is still in the works and some types might need a little tweaking, but there should be something new here soon!

Usage with redux-saga

Just as with redux-thunk, usage together with redux-saga is not fully thought through yet, however, we're able to extract all action information from a redux store, so typeful-redux should be able to provide a great basis for a fully-typed redux-saga experience. Stay tuned.