WinAPI Declare Library for use with Xojo
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WinAPI Declare Library for use with Xojo.


WinAPILib is a library of WinAPI (formally Win32) Declares you can add to your Xojo projects to add Windows-specific functionality.

This project is intended to be both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible and will likely crib many of its Declares from the older (and 32-bit only) Windows Functionality Suite Xojo library (WFS -


Click the green "Clone or download" button to download a Zip of the project. You can run the WinAPILib project in Xojo on Windows to see a demonstration of some of its features.

To use it in your own projects, open the WinLibAPI project and copy the WinAPILib folder to your project. Currently all code resides in the WinAPILib namespace.

WinAPILib is know to work with Xojo 2017 Release 2.1 and later. Support for earlier versions is not known.

Set a Window to 50% opacity:

WinAPILib.Window.SetOpacity(Self, 0.50)

Make a Window always topmost:

WinAPILib.Window.AlwaysTopmost(Self) = True

Get the Windows version:

Dim versionInfo As New WinAPILib.OSVersionInfo

There is more of course and additional things will be added over time. For now you'll have to read through the WinAPILib namespace to see what is available.

If you have WinAPI Declares to add, please submit Pull requests.