Image upload service, storing to a variety of locations
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Image Uploader

Standalone service for uploading and automatically resizing images.


Create a config JSON file e.g. by copying the config/config.sample.json file.

Property Default Valid values
logLevel warn silly, debug, verbose, info, warn, error
storage disk: uploads directory in project root See below
database in-memory See below
imageSizes Array of { name: string, width: number, height: number } where width and height are pixel values to resize the image to.


Disk: The images will be uploaded to a directory on the server. This directory must have write permissions for the server process.

Property Valid values
type disk
path Full absolute path to a writable directory on the server. If the directory does not exist it will be created.

AWS: The images will be uploaded to the given S3 bucket.

Property Valid values
type aws
bucketName Name of a bucket in the region configured in awsSettingsFile
awsSettingsFile Full path to an AWS credentials file.


In-Memory: Items are stored in memory. Everything will be lost on shutdown.

Property Valid values
type memory

File: Data is stored in a file on the filesystem.

Property Valid values
type file
path Full path to a file. This will be overwritten.

MongoDB: Data is stored in a MongoDB instance.

Property Valid values
type mongodb
url MongoDB connection string including the database path

Image Sizes

Images uploaded to the server can be fetched in a variety of sizes, configured here. Names and sizes provided will allow downloading the image at /:imageId/:size in the given size.

Images will be resized at the first time they are requested in a given size.