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A specially design version of McOS for the Linux Mint Cinnamon 19
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A specially design version of McOS for the Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.


Version 2.0 has many improvements, such as a new metacity-theme and dark theme, blue accent in the comboboxes,...

This should also work in any distro with cinnamon-version. (This is developed in Manjaro Cinnamon)

This is a totally re-engineered version of McOS-MJV for the Linux Mint Cinnamon 19 desktop.

Since it finally supports gtk 3.20+ (hello, we have been here for a few years already?) I thought I could give it a shot.

This has proven to be a much more difficult thing to do, because of the way Linux Mint uses Muffin as a window-manager, which has some drawbacks (like: Server-Side-Decoration, so no transparency in Nemo, ) and the 'multitude' of toolbars that take half the real-estate of the window... Reducing the size of them was my first priority.

Next building a metacity-theme that blends with the rest of the UI. I managed to create one that follows the theme. So with applications like X-viewer, X-player, DarkTable, Mpv-videoplayer, Cheese or Totem-mediaplayer you automatically get the dark theme with dark metacity titlebar. Or you can enable dark-mode on certain apps like the terminal.

Next, for certain apps (like the calculator or Lollypop-music player) CSD is used for drawing the titlebar (and buttons). So here too, there is support for dark-mode in CSD.

Nemo, the filemanager has been tweaked so it resembles (a bit) the MacOS-finder. In the screenshot Nemo's menubar is hidden.

How to:

Download and extract the file to your '.themes'-folder (make one if you have not done so already)

Open System Settings/Appearance/themes and choose the theme in the window-borders and Controls.


Well there are small issues that needs to be addressed, but for a first draft it is stable. Next, the dark theme is provided but needs attention.

Note: there is no Cinnamon-theme provided.

This theme is also provided in


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