Colorful stdstream dead-simple logger for node.js.
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Colorful stdstream dead-simple logger for node.js.

  • Logs stuff to stdout (log, info, success).
  • Logs errors & warnings to stderr (warn, error).
  • Adds colors to log types (e.g. warn, info words will be colored). Uses Turbocolor.
  • Emits system notifications for errors with native-notifier.
  • Tracks whether any error was logged (useful for changing process exit code).
  • No 3rd-party deps (Growl etc.)

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 03 26 41

Install with npm install loggy.



const logger = require('loggy');

// "05:48:30 - log: Hello, loggy" to stdout.
// "info" word is cyan.'Hello', 'loggy');

// "05:48:30 - warn: Deprecated" to stderr.
// "warn" word is yellow.

// Logs "05:48:30 - error: Oops" to stderr.
// "error" word is red.
// Emits system notifications with title "Error" and message "Oops”.

// Exit with proper code.
process.on('exit', () => {
   process.exit(logger.errorHappened ? 1 : 0);

// Disable colors.
logger.colors = false;

// Disable system notifications.
logger.notifications = false;

// Enable notifications for more methods
logger.notifications = ['error', 'warn', 'success'];

// Prepend the notifications title
logger.notificationsTitle = 'My App';

// Dump stacks of Error objects in errors or warnings
logger.dumpStacks = true; // or color of your choice

Environment variables:

  • LOGGY_STACKS: default value for dumpStacks. Pass 1 to see the stacks.
  • FORCE_NO_COLOR: disables color output in chalk. Does not affect logger.colors.


  • logger.error(...args) - logs messages in red to stderr, creates notification.
  • logger.warn(...args) - logs messages in yellow to stdout.
  • logger.log(...args) - logs messages in cyan to stdout.
  •, logger.success - logs messages in green to stdout.
  • logger.format(level) - function that does color and date formatting.


  • logger.colors - mapping of log levels to colors. Can be object, like {error: 'red', log: 'cyan'} or false (disables colors).
  • logger.errorHappened - false, changes to true if any error was logged.
  • logger.notifications - As Boolean, enables or disables notifications for errors, or as Array, list types to trigger notifications, like ['error', 'warn', 'success'].
  • logger.notificationsTitle - String, optional, prepends title in notifications.


MIT (c) 2016 Paul Miller (