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He's smart, sexy, and always available

Getting Him Running

1) Define CAMPFIRE_TOKEN and CAMPFIRE_ROOM environmental variables
2) run bin/mg_hotdog
3) Talk to him

Adding "Parts"

Adding a part is as simple as creating a class in lib/mg_hotdog/parts that implements the Part interface. To Create a Part that says hello when asked you would define a class as follows:

  class HelloPart
    def process(message, robot)
      robot.speak("MG Hotdog says hello #{}") 

You can then add the part to the robot by editing bin/mg_hotdog

require 'mg_hotdog/parts/hello_part'
robot.listen /hello mg_hotdog/i,

And that is all it takes.


  • I removed Redis because I desided to use the composition pattern instead

  • It's a multi purpose hotdog... you can eat it, you can burn it to make pretty colors, you can even make a VW Bug engine block out of it

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