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Using some, for unix based systems, common tools to download movies
and optionally ripping the audio from them.
youtube-downloader <youtube-url> [command]
- audio
Downloads the video to a fifo-pipe, rips the audio and removes the video.
If the file has already been downloaded the audio will be ripped but the
file will be not be removed.
- rip or all
Downloads the video and rips the audio
- download
prints the download url and title, separated with a tab
- url
prints the download url
With no command set it will download the video.
This script is set to use the Ruby Readline library, I've not found a way to
add a default value to the line to be read in.
But I've added the default title toe Readline history buffer so press the
up arrow key on your keyboard to get it filled in so you can change it.
- cURL, fetch or wget. We try to be smart and choose a good one
depending on the running system so this shouldn't be to big a deal.
- ffmpeg, for ripping the audio
- hpricot gem, if you install through rubygems it will be installed automatically
- htmlentities gem
Make sure you can download gems from and then
And then:
# gem install youtube-downloader
In your home directory create a file named .youtube-downloader
with these values:
# To download the files to the current directory set to .
:download_dir: .
:music_dir: .
:temp_dir: /tmp
:file_extension: flv
# If we want the timestamp on the files to be time of download instead
# of time of the file
:touch: true
* Switched over to using hpricot for finding the parts of the document were
the data I need to download the video are
* Added the HTML Entities library to uncode the various HTML parts in
the title of the video
* Using ffmpeg instead of lame/mplayer for audio ripping and encoding
* Extracted the url finding part of the script into a class of its own
* Add support for downloading different qualities of a video. 360p, 720p, 1080p etc