Cockpit CMS Addon with a set of useful helpers (that alone don't justify a new Addon).
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Helpers Addon for CMS

This addon combines a set of features that would improve the main functionality of the Cockpit CMS. The idea is to be including new helpers as they are required.


The current implementation provides:

  • Password reset CLI command
  • Singleton data export/import CLI command
  • JSON Preview for collection entries
  • Environment indicator
  • Assets in modules menubar
  • Quick actions

Password reset

A CLI command that permits to reset the password of an user, e.g.:

./cp password --user "admin" --pass "admin"

Singleton data export/import CLI command

A CLI command that permits to export and import singleton data, e.g.:

./cp export-singleton --name settings

Exporting data from singleton settings
Singleton settings exported to #storage:exports/singletons/settings.json - 4014 bytes written

To import just run the import-singleton command:

./cp import-singleton --name settings
Singleton settings data imported from #storage:exports/singletons/settings.json

Notes: The #storage:exports/singletons folder is always used for exporting/importing.

JSON preview of collection entries

A JSON Preview link on each colletion entry sidebar, so we can access the JSON that will be returned from the API directly from the form page, e.g.:

JSON Preview

Environment indicator

A simple mechanism to provide a visual feedback regarding the environment we are working, this can be useful to prevent doing changes on a live environment by mistake. To enable it just add to the config.yaml:

  environment: local

You can use local, dev, stg or prod and the you'll have an indicator in the cockpit site name and a border line in main header, e.g.:


Local Environment


Prod Environment

Assets in modules menu

The modules menu includes core Collections, Singletons and Forms, the Helpers addon makes a menu entry for Assets:


Quick Actions

A simple UI element that is present in the modules navigation bar and can be configured (config.yaml) to display a list of quick actions. Actions can be aggregated in groups, and can be a link to whatever you need, for example:

    - group: Create
        - label: Post
          path: /collections/entry/post
        - label: Page
          path: /collections/entry/page
        - label: Categories
          path: /collections/entry/category
    - group: Accounts
        - label: New
          path: /accounts/create

Quick Action


  1. Confirm that you have Cockpit CMS (Next branch) installed and working.
  2. Download zip and extract to 'your-cockpit-docroot/addons' (e.g. cockpitcms/addons/Helpers) (Ensure that the addon folder is named Helpers)

Copyright and license

Copyright 2018 pauloamgomes under the MIT license.