Cockpit CMS Addon that provides integration with Netlify deploys mechanism.
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Cockpit CMS Netlify Deploys Addon

This addon provides integration with Netlify deploys mechanism, leveraging the Netlify REST API to retrieve list of latest deploys and build hooks to trigger a new deploy. The addon can be useful when combining Cockpit CMS with an static site generator hosted on Netlify, so changes on contents can be deployed easily in seconds.


  1. Confirm that you have Cockpit CMS (Next branch) installed and working.
  2. Download zip and extract to 'your-cockpit-docroot/addons' (e.g. cockpitcms/addons/Netlify, the addon folder name must be Netlify)
  3. Confirm that the Netlify deploys icon appears on the top right modules menu.


  1. Ensure that from your Netlify account you have an access token and a build hook url.
  2. Edit Cockpit config/config.yaml and add a new entry for netlify like below:
  site_id: <site-id>
  access_token: <access-token>


There are just two permissions:

  • manage.view - provides access to the Netlify deploy list
  • manage.deploy - provides access to trigger a new deploy


Having the configuration defined accessing the Netlify deploys page (/netlify/deploys) a list of latest (limited to 50) deploys is displayed:

Netlify dashboard

To trigger a new deploy just hist the Deploy button an confirm the action.


Netlify addon screencast

Copyright and license

Copyright 2018 pauloamgomes under the MIT license.