Example implementation using a combination of Cockpit Headless CMS and React Static
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Cockpit CMS + React Static Demo Project

This "Demo" website project combines Cockpit CMS for managing the contents and React Static for presenting them in an optimal way.

Demo page: https://pauloamgomes.github.io/CockpitCMS-React-Static/


For running this example website you'll need:

  • Docker
  • node


# Clone repository
git clone git@github.com:pauloamgomes/CockpitCMS-React-Static.git
cd cockpitcms-react-static

# start Cockpit
cd cockpit

# start react app
cd ../react-app
yarn install
yarn start

After the execution of above steps you are ready to access Cockpit on http://localhost:8088 (user: admin pass: admin) and the website on http://localhost:3000

Cockpit CMS + React Static

Copyright and license

Copyright 2018 pauloamgomes under the MIT license.